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By | May 2, 2020

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MAY 1-11, 2020 Special

Have you ever wanted to build an online business?

Earn passive income!

Supplement your income?

Deal with this economic crisis?

Well here’s your chance to learn exactly how to do that.  The top Affiliate Marketing Training and hosting platform is offering a HUGE discount May 1-11, 2020.

Sign up for Premium Membership during the period May 1-11, 2020 and take advantage of this one time May special.

Sign up for $161 off the regular yearly price of $459.  That is $299 a year, which averages out to only $25 each month.  Think – only the cost of a dinner out.

This is very affordable and you reap wonderful benefits.

What is this special?

In order to help others during this economic crisis, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate (the top online training and hosting platform for affiliate marketers) are giving a unique SPECIAL PRICING OFFER for Premium Membership.


Annual Premium Membership is offered at only $299/year during this special.

After May 11th, the new pricing at Wealthy Affiliate is going to look like this:

  • Premium/Yearly = $495 per year (NEW PRICE)
  • Premium/Bi- Yearly = $234 per 6 months (REMOVED)
  • Premium/Monthly = $49 per month (UNCHANGED)
  • First Month of Premium Monthly Offer = $19 First Month (UNCHANGED)

As you can see, the regular monthly pricing and first month bonuses are not changed. The bi-yearly pricing is no longer available, and the yearly price will have a new price structure of $459.

Lets talk about WA’s Premium Membership and the additional value WA has planned for you in the year ahead.

Premium Yearly Pricing special for May 1-11, 2020 is only $299 for the year

Why It Makes Sound Consumer Sense?

Although the Premium Yearly price is going up a bit, the offer is getting “even better” to become Premium. It was great before but now, based on industry standards and price points it is going to be a “no brainer” to take us up on the new Premium Yearly offer.

The new Premium Yearly after May 11, 2020 is going to be $495 per year as indicated, but we are going to be introducing some new perks associated with going yearly. The Premium Yearly is going to include:

  • A Free “.com” Domain. You get domain credits for a .com domain when you upgrade from the Starter Membership by May 11, 2020.
  • $50 in Community Credits. You can use these credits towards the SiteComments/SiteFeedback platforms at Wealthy Affiliate so you can get engagement on your website, and website audits.
  • $93 discount on paying month to month (Essentially buying 10 months, getting 2 months free)
  • Kyle’s has a cool Video Bonus for those who take advantage of this pricing.

Each year that you stay on with Premium Membership you will get these perks when your membership recurs. This means that both domain and community credits will come with your yearly membership in an ongoing basis if you are at the $495 Premium Yearly price or if you take advantage of the MAY SPECIAL BETWEEN MAY 1-11, 2020.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership gives you awesome value, worth much more than $459 a year.

WA is an Industry Leading Website Platform. The WA website platform works seamlessly with other operations that are usually disconnected from your website and business. Everything from the content creation, the management of your overall “health” of your website, comments/engagement, your ability to get website audits on the fly, managing emails, moving websites (and creating staging environments), as well as your ability to get support from real server admins if you are needing help…and within 5 minutes is included in your Premium Membership.

The world-class hosting experience has evolved with new integrations and updates to make management of your website/business seamless and “tech” free. Here are just some features that you have access to within the Websites platform here that are included in your Premium Membership:

  • the SiteBuilder tool
  • the SiteContent too
  • the SiteComments tool
  • the SiteHealth Tool
  • the SiteSpeed Extreme Tool
  • he SiteSupport Tool
  • the SiteEmail Tool
  • he SiteDomains tool
  • the SiteMove Tool

Great Hosting

Speed, security, and reliability are all key focuses with the WA hosting and allows you to be confident that your websites are on the most secure and fastest Managed WordPress Hosting platform in the industry. Comparable hosting to what you get here within the Premium membership would cost over $250 per month (or $2,000+ per year).

And WA’s hosting is faster, on more powerful servers, and has had over 10 years of incremental improvements on the server side development to advance the technologies running your websites. Basically, WA is doing things that NO HOST in the industry is doing.

Jaaxy Research Tools

Within your Premium membership, you get access to Jaaxy Lite, which gives you unlimited keyword searches, alphabet soup searches, and access to other platforms like SiteRank among other key features for your keyword/website/niche research activities.

Some features available to you within Jaaxy Lite:

  • Keyword Search
  • Keyword List Management
  • Search Analysis
  • SiteRank
  • Alphabet Soup Tool
  • Brainstorm Ideas

In addition, WA has a lot of planned innovation/evolution coming to the Jaaxy platform in the months and year ahead to be really excited about.  Stay tuned for those, the first of these being released through the summer/fall months.

Unbelievable Training.

WA Premium Membership gives you access to ongoing training updates/improvements, as well as newly resources regularly. This includes training provided by WA through tutorials/courses/challenges, as well as community contributed training from fellow affiliate marketers/entrepreneurs within WA.  Training updates are rolled out on a weekly basis.

Some of the training that you have access with Premium Membership is:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (all 50 Lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp (all 70 lessons)
  • Weekly Training Updates (Tutorials, Videos, Live Classes)
  • Access to All Future Premium Training Content
  • Access to All Expert Blog Posts (tons of value weekly)

According to Kyle, one of the owners, WA’s wonderful training will see ever more exciting shifts in the upcoming months and year ahead!

Live Classes.

WA’S “Live Events” platform has been a favorite with members for many years, and continues to offer industry leading training to all Premium members on a weekly basis. Every week 1,000’s of members register for Jay Neil’s (magistudios) live classes receive over an hour of action packed, pure value education. These include a full Q & A, and based on the value of this only, the Premium Membership is truly worth it.

  • 52 Weekly Live Classes Per Year (100% value)
  • 400+ Hours of Past Classes
  • Unlimited Class Replays
  • Cameo Live Classes

Expert Community Help.

The WA community is the resident community for some of the top affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs in the world. Within the WA community you have access to expert help either through the live chat platform, through the comment platform, your ability to ask questions, engage in valuable blog discussions or even contact experts here privately. The Premium Membership also includes direct access to the owners (Kyle & Carson) if you ever need a hand or a question answered.

The Expert help features within Premium Membership

  • Access Personally to Kyle & Carson
  • Help from the Community Through Many Mediums
  • Private Communication/Mentoring Access

No other platform or community in the world has this level of access available to its members.   Literally thousands of years of experience (members) are logging into WA and helping others every day.


Along with expert access is your ability to network, meeting, and build relationships with other entrepreneurs on the platform. WA is a global community with people from every country in the world, with all different levels of experience and interests that are interacting and networking every day every minute.

Some very lucrative partnerships have been formed here, and it is a common reflection on the community when members say Wealthy Affiliate is full of the friendliest, most helpful, and forward thinking folks. (This is so true – shirley)

  • You have the ability to network in an unlimited fashion as a Premium member:
  • You can network and communicate with people of all levels of skill
  • You can build relationships and partnerships
  • You can create Joint Ventures with some “niche” related partners
  • You can interact with simply the LARGEST affiliate marketing community in the world (currently over 2.2 million members)

And this is not to mention the outrageous value of premium membership WA has planned for you in the year ahead. WA is going to be advancing things to a new level, with exciting shifts in terms of our platform technology, design, innovative releases, and evolution of existing platforms. With each day we move forward, we continue to evolve and improve our service for YOU….and you are the driving force behind our business.

You have until May 11th to sign up for Premium Membership
and save $161 and begin to build your online business

Click on the image below to sign up.




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