Welcome to my “Earning Money in Retirement” website.  Here, I will be sharing some of the most important information I have found about earning money in retirement and making money online.

My Story

I’m Shirley Dawson.  I live in northwest Arkansas and I am a wife, mother, step-mother, grandmother, birdwatcher, avid reader, business owner, photographer, artist, and creator of affiliate websites. I am also retired and handicapped.

Handicapped, meaning I do not walk well from deteriorated discs in my lower back.  I use a cane and/or wheelchair to get around, albeit pretty slowly at times. I’ll never run again or even walk very quickly, play volleyball or softball or racketball, but I can use my brain and computer very effectively.  I would not come across in a traditional interview well because of my extra “luggage” but as a self-employed business owner, I am able to do it all.

I was in the regular workforce for over 33 years as a civil servant with FDA and then running my own photography studio and web design business. In retirement now, I’m having the time of my life working for only myself at home at last.  I can pick the days and hours I want to work, my dress code is whatever I wish to wear, be it pjs or a pants suit, and I plan many mini-vacations and breaks from my tasks.  I even take afternoon naps if I feel the need to do so.

I am able to do this because I have learned what it takes to make money online by creating successful affiliate marketing websites.  My purpose is to share much of what I have learned and the wonderful community where I was taught how to finally succeed at my efforts in earning money in retirement.

Why Create “Earning Money in Retirement”

I and my husband, Mel, are both retired.  During our working days, we each earned very nice salaries and now in retirement, our earnings have taken a pretty significant cut.  I receive a nice pension and Mel will be maxing out his social security when he begins taking it in in several years.  But meanwhile, I am wanting to add some extra income each month to ease our financial burdens.

I’m working to achieve additional income, not only for myself, but for my missionary daughter and her small family.  My daughter, son-in-law and two small grandsons (2.5 and 5) are serving in the jungles of Papua New Guinea (PNG)as Bible translators to native PNGers who do not have the Bible available in their “heart language” (your heart language is the one you are most familiar with and understand the best).  Without being able to read the Holy Scriptures in their heart language, many biblical concepts and stories are very difficult to understand in a tribal society which is steeped in their own animism rites and superstitions.  I want to be able to help support them in their ministry to these unreached peoples.

I also want to be able to set aside funds for all my grandchildren (3 girls in California and the two boys in PNG).

Maybe I’m Not the Only One Needing Extra Cash

Since we have been retired, my husband and I have moved to a retirement community and met many retirees like ourselves.  Some do well in retirement, having saved and made plans for their retirement years.  However, many are finding it necessary to scale way, way back and even find part-time jobs.  Most of these jobs take them out of their homes for many days a week. They have to stick to regular workforce hours and rules.  Like us and maybe yourselves, they are subject to aging and the health issues that age brings with it.  Staying in the workforce, even part-time is not so much fun at age 67, 70 and 75.  At that age, we need to be able to rest when we are tired and have time to engage in healthy eating and healthy activities, not pushing ourselves up and dressed and out the door to work many days a week.

My Goals

For the last few years, I’ve been studying and learning about “Affiliate Marketing” and creating “Affiliate websites”.  I’ve learned that this has great potential to help me “earn money in my retirement” and it is already happening – I am starting to make money online.   With this website, I’m hoping to share what I’ve learned about an excellent opportunity available for those like myself, not just retirees, but those out of work, moms and dads who stay at home, college students and more.

With this website, I will be detailing a lot of information about affiliate marketing, how to do it, how to be successful at it and what I’ve been learning and am still learning.

The most valuable method I’ve found to learn all about affiliate marketing is the one I found when I signed up for the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program.  That was several years ago and I have learned so much and made so many friends there who are like minded.  I initially signed up for the FREE trial week and then on the third day of my trial, I was convinced this was definitely something I wanted to do, so I signed up for Premium “Paid” Membership.  I tell all about both of these memberships on this site.  I pay each month less than what my husband and I would spend on a dinner out.  Perhaps you are interested in something like this also.  Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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If you ever need a hand, would like to comment or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Shirley Dawson, Founder
Earning Money In Retirement
Email:  Shirley@earningmoneyinretirement.com



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  1. Joshua Warren

    You have a very inspiring story, Shirley. I can almost feel the passion that comes through quite clearly in the things you talk about. It sounds like you are well on your way to realizing your goals and dreams.

    I wish you nothing but continued success in your affiliate endeavors.

    Kind regards,



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