Work from Home

  • Maybe you are retired and you’ve taken a big cut in your monthly income and need to earn money in retirement to supplement your pension.
  • Maybe you’ve lost your partner and now finances are tough.
  • Maybe you are handicapped and a traditional job outside the home is not for you.
  • Maybe you have lost your job and need to find a new way to create income, working from home.
  • Maybe you are a stay at home mom or dad and need to supplement the family income while working from home.
  • Maybe you are a college student and need to earn money to pay for college.
  • Maybe you are simply tired of working for someone else and the daily commute and you want to be your own boss and make money working from home.

If one of the above situations describes you, then you have found the right place to get help.  It is certainly possible to make money online and work from home and even do well at it.

BUT you are thinking

“There are so many SCAMS out there,
how do I know which program is a

to create an income working online?”

I had that very same thought several years ago when I retired early due to health reasons.  I wasn’t quite ready to stop contributing to our family income and yet I had to sell my successful photography studio to my business partner.  I could no longer physically do the photography work I loved.

But, alas, I could no longer do the work.  I was in a wheelchair and I really needed a job I could work from home.

Work from Home Jobs

I began to research jobs I could do from home and with my years of IT work for the government, I wanted to use my skills with technology and the internet I had developed in my federal career.  I looked online for ways to make money using my computer and internet access.

I began to do online surveys from many different survey companies.  Yes, I could earn some money doing that; however, I would spend hours each day filling out surveys only to earn a few dollars and had to deal with being rejected for many surveys when I didn’t fit the requirements.

I tried working with crowdfunding activities, doing small tasks as an Amazon Turk worker.  Once again the surveys and small tasks paid peanuts compared to my former lucrative jobs.

I noticed that transcription tasks seemed to pay more for the amount of work involved, so I purchased transcription software and equipment and learned to do general transcription.  Yes, the payment was better, but I found that I was not good at distinguishing words which were spoken with heavy accents and slurred speech.

None of these options were working out for me, so I started looking at other work online programs.  I was very confused and overwhelmed by the huge number of ads and promotions that claimed I could make money (lots of it) online and work from my home.

image of woman with Scammed text


Yet when I began to research many of the programs, I found COMPLAINT after COMPLAINT that they were really scams to get me to give them –


It was SCARY and I really didn’t know what to do.



As I continued looking, I ran across a large number of websites that touted training for something called “Affiliate Marketing” where you build a website, attract traffic and promote products from different online vendors to get commissions.

I learned that there was a potential to create a large income with this type of marketing and I already had developed skills in creating websites and using many different types of software during my federal IT career.  I had actually dabbled a little with affiliate marketing a few years earlier, but didn’t know much about it and was not successful with those efforts.

Once again, I found it hard to determine what was LEGITIMATE and what was a SCAM.


One day I found a website created by a guy named “Scott” who wrote about a unique training program available at an online training site called Wealthy Affiliate University.  He had very nice things to say about the program and training.  After researching this program for days, I saw there were many satisfied, extremely happy even, customers of this training program.

I read about the FREE trial week offer and that I would NOT be asked for a credit card, and decided I had nothing to lose and signed up.  I was SO IMPRESSED with the caliber of training and the community support, that I upgraded to Premium Membership (paid) on the third day of my trial. My money was well spent.


What’s in it for YOU!

The training provided at Wealthy Affiliate University will teach you great online skills: creating websites with WordPress, creating your own blog site(s), writing skills to create your own blog posts about a subject you love, all about SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords – the most important thing to know when driving visitors to visit your site, choosing an affiliate program and products to promote for the fun subject you have chosen to blog about.

WA offers all that and a community of over 1 million fellow members who are helpful and willing to share tips on how they reached their own financial goals.

If you train and complete all the steps in the training, with patience, you will reach your own financial goals to make money from home.

I can’t say enough good things about the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program.  I have a detailed REVIEW of the program on this site.

If you are interested in finding the very “BEST” training in affiliate marketing available online, then I URGE you to check out my detailed REVIEW, or you can just jump right in by joining

Wealthy Affiliate for your FREE TRIAL below!


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