Blogging for Fun and Profit – Is this for You?

By | November 1, 2019

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Why Blog?

It’s Fun!

Although blogging can be used for a variety of other purposes such as generating income, promoting a cause and providing information, there are many bloggers who enjoy blogging simply because it is fun. These bloggers enjoy blogging for reasons such as staying in touch with friends, expressing themselves or keeping a record of important events. This article will explain how blogs can be used for these purposes.

Blogging to Stay in Touch with Friends

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Staying in touch with friends and family members is just one of the many reasons a person may wish to start a blog. This is especially useful for those who move far away from their friends and family members. Staying in touch by phone, regular visits, and even email is not always easy. This is because it can be difficult to keep up long-distance interactions with several different people at once. However, by maintaining a blog, a person can greatly simplify the process of staying in touch with friends and family members because they do not have to repeat information in individual phone calls or emails or make time to visit several different people.

When maintaining a blog, the individual can choose to post a variety of information and photos. Through this information and photos, the blog owner can keep others informed about current events in his life. Friends and family members can view the blog at their convenience to catch up on important events in the blog owner’s life and in most cases can post comments to the blog owner. They can also read comments from others. This is beneficial if those viewing the blog know each other because they can not only stay in touch with the blog owner but also have a chance to communicate with other friends and family members through the comments section of the blog.

Blogging as a Form of Expression

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Some bloggers begin blogging as a form of expression. They may write poetry, songs, short stories or even use the blog to vent about personal events or politics. These bloggers may wish to keep their blog private or can make the blog available to the public. Keeping the blog private is sort of like keeping a diary or a journal. It gives the blogger a multi-media form of expressing himself without the risk of others discovering his true feelings, innermost dreams or frustrations. Other bloggers opt to make these blogs public. This may be for a number of different reasons. Sharing these feelings with others allows the blogger to reach others who may have the same interest as the blogger.

Bloggers who use their blog as a form of personal expression may want to be cautious and consider the decision to make a blog public. This is important because the blog owner may initially not see problems with allowing others to view his personal thoughts. However, over time he may realize his blog could either be offensive to others or could result in problems if friends or family members view the blog.

Blogging to Keep a Record of Events

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Another common reason for blogging is to keep a record of important events. Examples of some types of events that a blogger may wish to document include a pregnancy, weddings, vacations, sporting events or completion of school events. Using blogs to keep a record of these events gives the blogger an opportunity to record daily events in one simple location where they can easily look back on the blog or share the postings with others who might be interested in the events. In these cases, the blog can serve as a form of a scrapbook documenting the events as they occur. The blog owner can post as often as he desires and may choose to include elements such as photos, music, audio files and video files into the blog. The blog can also be designed to suit the events being documented. For example, a journal depicting a vacation may have backgrounds, fonts, and colors representing the vacation location while a pregnancy blog may feature elements that represent pregnancy, babies and being parents.

Blogging for Profit

Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to earn a living online while doing something they really enjoy. In many cases, bloggers can profit with very little effort. There may be quite a bit of work involved at the beginning with designing a method of gaining revenue and promoting the website but once this is established simply maintaining the blog with regular postings may be enough to keep the revenue rolling in. Two of the most popular methods for generating a profit from blogging include advertising methods. This includes advertising with AdSense and securing independent advertisers. We will discuss these two methods of advertising on a blog below.

Using AdSense to Generate Revenue

Using AdSense is one of the most popular ways for bloggers to generate revenue from their blogs. This method is so popular because it is also very simple. AdSense is a program offered by Google where bloggers agree to have advertisements on their website and are compensated when users click on these advertisements. Bloggers simply have to create a blog and submit the website address of the blog as well as some other information to apply for participation in AdSense. Once a blog is approved the owner is given code they can simply copy and paste to have advertisements displayed on their blog. Google then serves appropriate advertisements each time the blog is accessed. Whenever possible, the advertisements served on the blog are closely related to the content of the blog because Google crawls the website ahead of time to determine which advertisements are relevant to the content. Blog owners do have some ability to place restrictions on the types of advertisements that may appear on the blog. For example, the blog owner can specify adult advertisements are not to appear on the blog and Google will filter these out.

How Advertisements on a Blog Generate Revenue

Many bloggers use advertisements on their blogs to generate a profit. This method of advertising is more difficult than using AdSense but it can be significantly more financially beneficial to the blogger. This method of advertising is similar to the type of targeted advertising often seen in magazines. For example magazines for parents often feature advertisements which will appeal to parents such as advertisements for toys, children’s clothing or foods popular with children. Likewise, a magazine for runners may feature advertisements for shoes, athletic clothing, races or training equipment. In these cases, the advertisers pay for advertising space in the magazine in the hopes that the magazine’s audience will be enticed to purchase products or services after seeing these advertisements.

Blog owners can use this type of advertising but it can be hard to find willing advertisers. However, there are some factors that may make an advertiser more willing to have an advertisement appear on a blog. One of the most important factors for advertisers is the amount of traffic the blog receives. This is important because advertisers who are paying for ad space are more likely to invest in a blog with high traffic than one with very little traffic.

Another important factor for advertisers is the focus of the blog. Advertisers are more likely to purchase advertising space from a blog with a specific focus of interest to the advertiser’s target audience. Like the examples listed previously of magazines for parents and runners, advertisers want to advertise on a blog that is already reaching the same target audience.

Bloggers who utilize advertising on their website may be compensated in a number of different ways. Some advertisers may pay a set fee for the advertisement to run on the website for either a set amount of time or for a set number of page views. This means the advertiser may purchase space for a set number of days, weeks or months or may purchase space for a set number of times the advertisement is served to website visitors.

Alternately the advertiser may choose to compensate the blogger according to the number of times specific actions occur. This may include users clicking through the advertisement or users making a purchase after clicking through the advertisement. The type of compensation offered will have to be worked out between the blogger and advertiser beforehand to determine a fair method of payment.

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  1. Shirley Dawson Post author

    “Hi Shirley

    Thank you for providing such great information about blogging, and the various ways in which blogs can be used.

    I learned a lot from reading your article and am grateful that you spent the time to explain about using AdSense to generate revenue on a blog.

    It is true that there may be a lot of work involved at the beginning with blogging for profit. Especially, “designing a method of gaining revenue and promoting the website but once this is established simply maintaining the blog with regular postings may be enough to keep the revenue rolling in.” I agree.

    Thanks again Shirley, continue to post these informative blogs.

    Take care-Jackie

    1. Shirley Dawson Post author

      Hi Jackie, sorry you had problems with your comment; I thank you for reading my article and your comment. For sure, there is definitely a lot of work blogging and learning to blog well. Thanks again -Shirley

  2. Audrey

    Blogging is a really nice opportunity for someone who wants to start a home based job. I mean, with a little work it can become a full time income job! I’m currently working on mine through the training of Wealthy Affiliate and I’m more than satisfied by the training provided. For anyone who would like to start its own business, go for it and try this training. It’s simply amazing!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂


    1. Shirley Dawson Post author

      Audrey, thanks for reading my post and your comment. Yes, blogging is definitely a great work from home way to make extra income and have fun in the process. I agree that the Wealthy Affiliate training is excellent and the best thing to do to learn how to build a WordPress site and do affiliate marketing. Thanks for your comment -Shirley

  3. Rabia | Entrepreneur Friend

    Hi Shirley

    What a very informative and in-depth article on the topic Blogging for Fun and Profit.

    I love it… You have thoroughly covered all the possible reasons as to why a person would want to blog, for me personally I blog because I enjoy it very much.

    It allows me to showcase my creativity, share knowledge with other like-minded people, build connections and genuine friendship and at the same time provide a platform to generate income out of it by giving value and genuinely help other people.

    Since starting my digital entrepreneurship journey, I learned that there are many business models you can pursue, but regardless of whichever one you go for, you would always most likely need to have a blog as a central hub to feature your work and a means in which people can find you or your brand online. Otherwise, you become an unknown entity

    If you happen to have a business, it does not matter what it is, be it online or offline. You need to have a website or a blog. Most SEOs now encourage business owners to have the blog feature enabled on their website especially e-commerce businesses. It has become very essential to have one.

    Yes, as you rightly mentioned that one of the ways in which you can make money with your blog is through Online Advertisement. Google Adsense is one of the most common networks to use.

    From my experience, I found that they approve people quickly so long as you can fulfill their conditions and do not violate any of their rules.

    The only thing, that I am not overly excited about Online Advertisement is the performance issue and the possibility of reducing the user experience on your site, otherwise it is a good way to make money especially if you have a lot of page views and traffic coming to your site.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article and found it to be very helpful and educational.

    I will bookmark it for future reference.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Keep up the good work Shirley.
    Best wishes.

    1. Shirley Dawson Post author

      Rabia, thank you for visiting my site and your kind comments. I agree totally that blogging can be fun,especially for someone like myself (in a wheelchair and stuck at home a lot). I find that blogging can be a type of social life. Thank you again for your comment and have a great day. -Shirley

  4. Strahinja

    Thank you for this informative article. I enjoy blogging and I do it on a regular basis. I post every 2-3 days and I quite enjoy my blog. Unfortunatelly, for some reason I am still not accepted for Google AdSense program. The reason was copied material.

    From what I realized, this must only go for my terms of service & privacy policy, because some of the parts are copy pasted. Other than that, my content is 100% original

    Can you let me know if this will make my application easier.

    Thank you.


  5. Cathy

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas regarding blogging and Adsense. There are so many different topics and niches for people to write about. Even personal blogs get good traffic.

    1. Shirley Dawson Post author

      Hi Cathy, thanks for visiting my site and reading my article. Yes the potential blog niche/topic are endless and everyone who wants to blog should be able to find a good topic or niche to work on. Thanks again for your comment – Shirley

  6. Jesse Lee

    Great post!
    I definitely have enjoyed blogging for a while now for a lot of the reasons you listed above.
    I like how you broke down how bloggers can make money in a very easy to understand way.
    Blogging can certainly be fun!
    There are so many ways a blog can be useful and I am definitely still learning a lot about blogging and maintaining a website.
    Thank you for all the helpful information!

    1. Shirley Dawson Post author

      Hi Jesse, thanks for visiting my site and reading my blog and your kind comment. I love blogging and I’ve been blogging for 5 years now. Thanks for your comment again. -Shirley

  7. Robert Moore

    Very detailed information, giving me a lot of options and things to consider. I totally agree that blogging for fun can be morphed into a profitable venture via the use of ads. It’s a win-win situation, for sure!

    1. Shirley Dawson Post author

      Thanks Robert, for visting my site and reading my post. I enjoy getting comments like yours and yes, blogging can be fun for sure. And it can certainly bring in some extra $$ if you work it right. Thanks again -Shirley

  8. Eco_Catherine

    Hi there, I really do think this is for me and I have started on this journey. However, I am not ranking. Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong here?

  9. John

    Thanks for the useful information here. Your post is full of information that I am going to be looking into. A great looking website by the way.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Shirley Dawson Post author

      John, thanks for reading my article and your kind comment. I hope you get some good information from it. Thanks again -Shirley


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