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  1. Andre Kish

    Hiya, Shirley.

    Just stopped by quickly but had to comment as I’ve been into affiliate marketing & blogging for decades. I’m also a member of WA and joined because I saw their training schedule and I knew from experience that all online marketing is really a numbers game – as do WA – demonstrated by their final bootcamp straining about getting into Pay Per Click on search engines.

    This is an absolute must if you want to get into the numbers game selling lots of affiliated products WITHOUT SEO knowledge you’ll get from WA – ie – 2% sales expected from all end of sales funnel systems minimum – (usually min 4 – 6 % more realistic.)

    That’s why I genuinely as a decades long online person recommend WA to everyone starting online and I’ve been in the business since the internet first started. They continue to cover everything in their training & keep updating it as things progress.

    As your cool blog demonstrates – you know what you’re doing – your affiliate disclosures prove exactly that.

    Well done, Shirley – have bookmarked your site & joined yours newsletter. Cool stuff here, thanks.

    All the best & keep up the good work – Andre.

    1. Shirley Dawsson Post author

      Hi there Andre, thanks for visiting my site and your kind comments. I totally agree that the WAU (wealthy affiliate university) is top notch training and always state-of-the-art. Thanks again. – shirley
      Btw, my first newsletter will probably be a few weeks from now. I am changing to Aweber and am moving my lists. Aweber is more “affiliate” friendly.

  2. Joshua Warren

    Hi, Shirley.

    FYI…I tried to leave a comment following your article on affiliate marketing. However, I could not find the text box anywhere to do so.

    I was on an IPad Air 2 using the Safari browser.


    1. admin

      Joshua, sorry, but on my desktop using chrome I see all the comment boxes on the posts. I guess its possible it doesn’t show on your Ipad and the safari browser. You can place your comment on the contact page if you like. Thanks for checking out my site. – Shirley

    2. admin

      Hello Joshua, thanks for trying. I’ve checked out my pages and they now have working comment boxes. I would love for you to try again. Have a great day. – Shirley


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