Make Money From Home

Who Needs to Make Money?

Many people find they need to make extra money and would like to be able to make it from home.  Who are these people?

Image of dollar sign

Image of dollar sio it from home.  Some of these people are:

  • Retirees (like myself)
  • Disabled people (like myself)
  • Students (especially college students)
  • Stay at home moms or even dads who want to add to the family income
  • Teachers with summers off and time on their hands
  • Seniors on fixed incomes (like myself)
  • People who are in bad work environments or situations or just want out of the fast track.
  • People who have lost their jobs

As you can see, there are people in many different situations who truly need to create an extra income or even an income period.

Some of my blog articles about making money:

Working from home and for yourself

Traditional jobs are great if that is what you want to do, have good skills and qualifications and occupy a job you enjoy.  But the incentives for working at home calls to many people, like myself.

Image of woman in home office

Image of woman in home office

I am retired and became disabled after retirement and I would love to generate enough income to help my husband and I live without financial fear in retirement so we can both enjoy our retirement years.  I love learning (I’m a perpetual student anyway) and so signing up for the Wealthy Affiliate Program was an easy decision for me.  I can easily work from my home office, choosing my own hours and deadlines.  Doing this is so much more enjoyable than my former career job.  I feel much more relaxed, in control and the master of my own success.

Advantages of working from home

  • You save the time you would normally use to commute.  Most working folk travel at least 18 miles to and from work, taking around 1/2 an hour per journey(some spend much more time that than on the commute). That’s more than 5 hours per week fighting traffic when you could be working, not to mention the money you would save in gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • You take less time off for sickness and family.  When you work from home, for yourself, you are in control and can set your own hours, attire, and are your own push to produce.
  • Working from home can certainly reduce the stress of working with difficult co-workers and bosses and having to attend meetings, deal with company bureaucracies, and meet someone else’s targets.
  • While you will need to set guidelines to ensure you get up, prepare for work and put in the hours and effort necessary to succeed, you can work in casual attire (no need for ties, suit coats, high heels or hose).  You can also save money on clothing and even childcare when your children are old enough to not require continuous watch care
  • Your family wins time wise.  You can schedule your working hours around your children’s special events and special family time and have more time yourself without wasting it on commuting.


Thanks for looking at my site and coming to this page.  I would love for you to leave any questions or comments below. – Shirley

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