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Do You Need to Earn Money in Retirement so You Can Relax?

Surveys indicate that potential retirees want these 3 things:

              1. Financial freedom
              2. Flexibility to do what they want in their life
              3. To spend time with family, to relax and to travel.

All three require that you have enough money in retirement,
so what do you do if you don’t have the funds to make these 3 dreams happen?

                    1. Find a part-time job?
                    2. Scale down your lifestyle?

You hope not.  Finally, you are your own boss, so why work a part-time job when you
are retired?  
Stay your own boss and earn money online from your home.
That’s how I’m earning extra money in my retirement.

My affiliate websites will bring in
extra money while I am retired so I can:

                      • enjoy my retirement,
                      • help my missionary kids,
                      • travel with my spouse, and
                      • have a great lifestyle

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