Do You Really Want to Make Money Online?

By | July 28, 2018

Online Moneymaking

Making money online is a topic of lots of conversations nowadays.  Many people like to talk about this subject because they like the idea of not having a traditional 9-5 job with a busy commute, dress code, a set location and dealing with a boss and co-workers.  To be sure, there are some definite benefits to working online and from home.

However, choosing a program to learn how to make money online can be very confusing.  There are tons of ads and marketing for this program and that program which promise you the world, but in reality do not come through and many can be actual scams,  just taking your money with no return on that investment.

A Program that is Worthy

Today, I’m going to share with you a program that I’ve been involved with for a while now.  It doesn’t promise you that you will get rich quick or even promise that you will ever get rich.  But it is one of the best online training programs I’ve found and many who choose this program have achieved their dream of additional income and even been able to quit their day jobs.

This program is not an easy one

This program is certainly not quick and easy.  I’ve learned through the members and the creators of the program that I will never succeed unless I put in the “work”.  Just like my dad always told me:

  “Anything worth getting is worth working for”

The training provided within the Wealthy Affiliate Program is not easy-peasy, and neither is it too difficult for even someone new to the internet.  It is some of the best training and advice I’ve ever found on internet and affiliate marketing.  The training is complete and very well structured.  You are led from module to module and have opportunities to have all your questions answered by the wonderful, expert members of the WA community.

Why choose the Wealthy Affiliate Program?

I’m found that the Wealthy Affiliate Program is one that teaches individuals how to build a website and ways to make money from these websites. When I first started Wealthy Affiliate, I was very pleased to see the list of training and resources that are offered. As I continue to participate in this Program, I would like to share this wonderful community and training with others who desire to build their own websites and create an online income from their work.

Here are some of the reasons I would like to share with you that I think makes this particular Program so awesome:

The WA Community itself

Attempting to make money online can be both exciting and frustrating.  It takes a lot of discipline and motivation to succeed.  Many people read about creating blog-sites and websites and dream of making lots of money doing so and then find that that the dream pops because they are not sure how to begin and continue on that path.

The WA Community is a wonderful one, with many, many, knowledgeable, even “expert” members that are willing to help you learn and succeed.

One thing I quickly found out after I joined was that I felt no sense of competition within the membership.  Members learn that there is room for everyone to succeed online and an unlimited potential audience and customer base.  I found that the willingness to help others and answer questions and create more training and help was astounding.  I have never been involved in a group like this before which shows so much giving and helpfulness towards each other.

No fees to start

The free starter membership is a great touch.  It allows you to try out the Program and see what all is offered before you decide to join.  This way you can make a very informed decision before any possible financial outlay.

You are trained in Building your website

You need have no prior knowledge in creating a blog or website to begin this Program.  There are no prerequisites.  In fact, complete ignorance is not a problem – lol!

The WA training teaches you everything you need to know to start out and it’s all contained within the training modules that you are walked carefully through.  Your questions can be asked and answered along the way by those who have gone before you and there are hundreds of these, even thousands of those willing to answer your questions.  This is all provided within this one community and Training Program.

The cost is definitely not prohibitive.

Your first week is absolutely FREE.  This is when you check out all the resources and begin your training.  You are allowed to ask questions and interact with the membership.   During this time period, you will find out how thorough and informative the training is and how you are “walked” through deciding on your “niche” and building your first website.

You will meet current members who are already training and learning and who are asking questions and receiving help and feedback.  You will also meet members who have already reached their financial goals and just hang around to help others.

During your FREE week, you can choose to sign up for Premium monthly membership at a price that is reasonable and is less than a good meal out. Premium membership allows you to continue your training and interaction within the community and membership. Your appetite to learn more is whetted as you walk through the first training modules and you will look forward to learning more and more about succeeding in making money online.  Check out the grid below.

What comes after you build your website?

The Wealthy Affiliate Program doesn’t stop at teaching you to build your website, it continues to train you in how to attract visitors (traffic) to your site and how to create the best content for your site.

Learning to monetize your site

Once you have your website created, and the initial content added, Wealthy Affiliate then teaches you what you need to do to start making money through affiliate marketing (monetizing the site).  You will learn all about affiliates and how to become one and earn commissions from your website.


The Wealthy Affiliate Program continues to encourage you to go through the training provided and to interact with the membership by offering you a way to be recognized for your progress.

As you work through each training module, posting your questions/progress and receiving answers you will find your membership “rank” within the community improving.  You will learn how to promote the WA program yourself and become a “helper” yourself.  You may even become one of the “top 200” members who provide a true service to other members.

Owner involvement

I love the fact that the creators and owners of Wealthy Affiliate are members themselves and are continually posting information and providing answers to questions.  It’s nice to know you can contact either Kyle or Carson with your questions and expect good advice back.

Chat capability

The online Chat capability is another “plus” of the Program.  Whenever you are logged in, you can join the online chat and see what others are asking and the answers they are receiving.   You can learn a lot by following these discussions.

Choose your own pace

One of the best features for myself has been the ability to go at my own pace.  There are days I can spend hours on my computer going through the training, but then there are other days when life gets in the way.  Either way, its all okay, because I do not have to worry.  The WA training and the community will still be there the next time I want to login.

In fact, I had to take a several month break when I was battled a health issue with diabetic leg and feet ulcers.  The pain I was going through did not allow me to sit and work on the computer.

And more recently I had to take another break because I needed to pack up my house and move to another city and another home.  But now that I’m ready to “get back on the horse” so to speak, everything is waiting for me.  I love it.

Review by others

I’ve found that the ability to have other members review your website and content and comment is wonderful.  This allows you to have multiple “eyes” looking at your website and to receive suggestions and advice from others – even the expert members.  Learning from other members and seeing your website and content through their eyes is worth much just in itself.  And its all included in your monthly fee, no additional fees are required.

I hope I have shared enough about this wonderful Program to give you a reason to “try” it out.  This is your decision to make now. If you are interested, you may click on the banner below.

As for myself, I’m feeling the need to log in and complete yet another training module and talk with my friends in the WA Community.

Bye for now and have a blessed day.


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8 thoughts on “Do You Really Want to Make Money Online?

  1. Russ Green

    Very informative and very well written article Shirley, I know everything you said in this post is absolutely true because I am also a member and I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who is looking to build an online affiliate marketing business, take care Shirley and keep up the good work.


    1. Shirley Dawson Post author

      Hi Russ, thanks for visiting my website and your comment. Yes, its all true as you know. Wealthy Affiliate is just the best online training and hosting and community for Affiliate Marketing there is. See you in the community. -Shirley

  2. Ahmad Ballard

    Hello Shirley, great review on Wealthy Affiliate. I have learned that there is no easy and quick way to make money online. It requires a lot of hard work and patience. WA is an excellent training program that teaches you step by step on how to make an online Affiliate Marketing business successful. I have gone through the training, and working hard to get my business to take off. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck with your website!!!

    1. Shirley Dawson

      Ahmad, thank you so much for visiting my website and for your comment. I love to get comments and questions from site visitors. I also love the training and hosting provided by Wealthy Affiliate, just as you do. Best wishes and thanks again for your comment. – shirley

  3. Loes

    Hi Shirley, whether you choose the free memberships route for a hobby website or the premium one to create a real online business, Wealthy Affiliate is THE place to be. Eg. 2 of my daughters have a free membership, one is displaying and selling her clothes online, the other one is sharing her travel stories. And when WA is saying you are getting 2 websites with hosting for free, it is totally free! I have a premium membership myself and I have earned enough to cover the next 10 years of memberships fee easily, and increasing.
    When you read this as a visitor to Shirley’s website, I can only say this to you, try it out today!
    You’ll be amazed to see all the features WA can offer you! And to meet the global community who’s waiting for you to help you with any issue.

    The Netherlands

    1. Shirley Dawsson Post author

      Thanks so much, Loes for that comment. I totally agree with you that WA is wonderful – both the training and the great community. – Shirley

  4. Mark Baker

    Hi Shirley,

    Love this lone in your post – “Anything worth getting is worth working for”. Now isn’t that the truth?

    I already use Wealthy Affiliate myself and can concur with everything you say about the platform. There are so many shonky (Australian tern for dishonest, unreliable, or illegal) operators on the internet these days so I was so pleased to come across an authentic and value laden service like WA.

    There are no promises of overnight success or push button miracles to be had but if someone truly wants to learn how to have a successful online business, WA is the real deal for sure.


    1. admin

      Mark, as a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member, I know you, like myself are learning so much through the training and the wonderful, sharing community. What do you consider the best component of the Wealthy Affiliate Program? Thank you for your comment and best of luck with your online endeavors. I’ll see you in the WA community – Shirley


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