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“The Wealthy Affiliate Community”

Image of people meeting around the world

Image of people meeting around the world

Here, I will share the reason for my online business success.  It all boils down to my becoming part of a great community of like-minded individuals who also wanted online success.  The Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Community is where I learned the skills and how to apply them to my online business(s).

I first learned of WA one day when I was once again searching the internet for possible ways to make money from home using my computer.  I had tried online surveys, polls, and even affiliate marketing before with little or no success.  Then I ran across a website that talked about a place I had not heard or read about before, Wealthy Affiliates.

Since I am always very skeptical of scams and knew there are thousands of scamsters on the net, I began researching this company to see what was being said about it.  I found many, many positive reviews and only one somewhat negative review (which I now know is not really relevant).  As I read all the positive reviews, I began to get just a little excited, so I went back to the company page and clicked on the “How Wealthy Affiliate Works” link.  I read that information and found out I could join “free” for a trial period and get a glimpse into the Community and training process.

“Going Premium”

I saw where I would be trained in choosing a niche (subject area) to work in, how to build a website, attract visitors to the site, and earn revenue from my site.  And I could go through the first level of training completely free and create two free websites and meet and talk with members of the community (of thousands) during my trial period.  Then I could decide whether to subscribe to the community and open up the entire rest of the detailed training program which would lead me step-by-step through the process.

After my first two days in the trial period, I knew this was a successful and complete program and a wonderful community full of people who wanted to succeed and were more than willing to help me succeed also.  I never talked to one grump or anyone who was not completely “SOLD” on the excellent training provided by owners Kyle and Carson.

So I joined and became a Premium member on my third day, paying $47/month.  And began walking through the next level of training.  Within the first month I had my first affiliate website up and running, had a group of over 200 personal friends from the community that I followed and we all helped and learned from each other.  I learned how to build my site using WordPress and WordPress themes and set it up to be optimized for search engines and directories  like Google and Yahoo.  I learned how to write pertinent content to attract visitors, find appropriate Affiliate Programs to sign up with and how to set up links on my site  as well as how to capture and analyze my website tracking data.

Before my first month was over, many of my friends who had been members for just 2-4 months were happily announcing their first earnings.  This really pumped me up and encouraged me to continue to work on my website, building content and optimizing it.   I also began my 2nd website, the one you are visiting right now. And I am making plans for two more personal niche sites in just a few months.  In fact, as a premium member,  I can create an up to 25 money-making websites for free using the servers and tools provided by the Wealthy Affiliate Program.

“Going Yearly”

In my second month with WA, I looked at the difference between Premium ($49/mo) and yearly ($30/month) and decided it would be better financially to upgrade to Yearly and save $200 a year.  After a year, I then decided to take advantage of Kyle and Caron’s Black Friday yearly special and I now pay $299/year (or $24.91/month) and have that locked in.

“Working on my Affiliate Websites”

For now, I am extremely happy when I am wor

Image of woman working on notebook

Image of woman working on notebook

king on my websites.  When I am out of town without a computer, I actually feel some withdrawal pains from my site work and training.  It is so much fun and I love the challenge to create, without the stress of doing it all alone.  I love the community and the new friends I am making and look forward to the positive changes in my life I can have through this Program.


If you are seeking a realistic way to earn money online, I highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate Program.  This is not a promise to become a millionaire in a few days or without any effort on your part, but a very doable and exciting method to create your own affiliate website(s) that are successful and make you money.

“Why Wait?  Get Started Now”



Thanks for looking at my site and coming to this page.  I would love for you to leave any questions or comments below.


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