Ways to Avoid Loneliness When Working From Home

By | April 1, 2020

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Ways to Avoid Loneliness When Working From Home

Some people, including myself, want to work from home always; but  with the COVID19 pandemic, more and more people find themselves at home working whether they want to or not.

While working from home has a lot of upsides, it also has a few challenges. One is social isolation and loneliness. If you are used to having people to meet with and talk to every day working at home in isolation can bring on some depression for sure.

Here are just a few ways you can overcome that.

So, Get out

Working from home is really more of a figure of speech rather than a literal description of where you are going to work (unless you are reading this during the Corona virus outbreak!) because actually when you are self-employed or working at home, you can often work anywhere.

Why not then go and work in a cafe in town?  But this time, park outside, access the internet on your notebook and work right there if you can.  Or maybe there is an outdoor bench or picnic table you can sit at to work.  Bring your own blanket and sit on the grass with your thermos of coffee or juice or whatever tastes good to you.  You can see vehicles, people and still work – maintaining your social distance.  Bring your own small foldable table and chair for comfort and make sure your notebook or tablet is charged well.

You can even carry on conversations from a safe distance if you like.

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But if you can’t leave your home, then try working on your deck, balcony or padio and listen to the many bird calls and sounds you miss working in an office.

Meet Up With Others while still distancing

You can even set up a time to meet up with friends but keep your social distance.  Try going to the same place and sitting there and your friends find a spot near you but not too near.  You can converse from a distance or even call your friend and talk safely but in full site of each other.  This can give you a reason to get up, dressed, fix your hair and be pretty for your meetup.  When the COVID19 quarantine is over, meetup with your friends when they are on lunch break from their regular jobs.

Image of two people in cafe at separate tables

lf you have got the time, and you can even do things like design work while you chat outside the office.  And in fact, this will be a lot more sociable than most people are in the office anyway. Apart from anything else you can be chatting to people who are actually your real friends rather than just work colleagues.


Image of a notebook with someone skyping

Networking and interacting with others in your industry is very good for your career and a great way to promote your business and make contacts. At the same time, it can make your business less unsociable, so try attending online networking events, working face to face using apps like (FaceTime or Skype) with designers and marketers, and responding to your fan email rather than locking yourself away.  This can be good for your work and even better for your mental health.

You can set up weekly or bi-weekly online meetings with your friends who also are working from home.

Here are some of the different online meeting apps/sites:


FaceTime for Mac

Facetime for iphone


Google Hangouts

Relieving Boredom

Go on a solo date (with yourself)

When you go on a date with yourself, you’re sure to go somewhere you actually like and you don’t have to wait around for others to decide. At least it will get you out of the house.

Quarantined?  Order to go and park outside, take it to a park or where there is a picnic table or a bench. Or bring your own table and chair.

Watch a movie with a friend (over the phone)

Call a good friend and both of you pick a Netflix movie to watch (make sure both of you agree to the movie).  Get ready to watch it together (but apart).  Get your couch or chair ready, have your popcorn or snack finished, call your friend and both of you begin the movie at the same time.  Have your phone ready (on speakerphone) and set it by you so you can talk to each other while you watch.

You can do many things like this with a friend over the phone (using your speaker, FaceTime or Skype if you like), such as:

  • Paint your fingers and toes together.
  • Clean the kitchen together
  • Draw together
  • Do an art project together

NOTE make sure you are not having to pay long distance charges on your phone

More things to relieve the boredom of working from home:

  • Redecorate your office
  • Set your work area up in a different room, where the view is different.
  • Do some different types of work from home or change your work schedule
  • Listen to different music while you work

Get Your Own Table and Chair

You might consider getting your own small table and foldable chair to put in your car so you can have some place to work at when away from home.

Foldable tables and chairs

Cell phone Stands

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2 thoughts on “Ways to Avoid Loneliness When Working From Home

  1. Lisa

    Hi Shirley,

    Thanks, as always, for your excellent advice. I am fortunate to have a lodger that I get along with, and we’ve been respecting each other’s space so as not to be on top of each other in this difficult time – but seeing only one person really does seem very lonely.

    I love the tip of driving somewhere beautiful and working from there, its something that I’d always wanted to do but never really considered the logistics. I don’t think it would work with the heavy data requirements of primary job – but I can see blogging tethered off my phone would be perfect for my side hustle! Having just started a blog – it does seem really hard to know which advice and training I should follow, is it too late to join Wealthy Affiliate?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Shirley Dawson Post author

      Thanks Lisa for reading my blog post and your comment. Blogging is a great online business you can do from home or some place with internet connections and a notebook computer. I’ve seen some of my blogging friends show pictures of their “offices” on the deck of cruise ships, sandy beaches, cool coffee houses. Just one one of the benefits of an online business. No, its not too late to join WA. if you have a trial membership (starter membership) just go to your profile page, click on your profile picture on the right, go to account settings and click on membership and upgrade to the Premium Membership. If you would like to join up under me as my referral, just follow this link and join, I’ll be your personal mentor and give you access to my Private Facebook Group for referrals. https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=5cb1bc19 Thanks for your comment and question. -Shirley


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