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By | June 21, 2019

You can start with no experience at all

Maybe you have had a thought

“Can someone like me be a successful blogger?”

And after thinking it, you told yourself, I have :

  • NO blogging experience
  • NO website creation skills
  • NO marketing skills
  • NO or little knowledge of the different social media sites
  • NO affiliate marketing knowledge
  • NO skills running an online business

Well, I can tell you that I know a place where none of that matters.  At Wealthy Affiliate you can start with absolutely none of that experience or knowledge.  You simply need a computer, an internet connection, and a decent work ethic.  You can even start FREE with no monetary outlay.

Sign up for FREE, WA doesn’t even ask for your credit card when signing up as a FREE STARTER member.  You have 7 days to try out the first 10 lessons totally free and you can build up to 2 free websites as you practice and go through those 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification.

The lessons are video and text-based lessons that walk you through each of the 10 lessons below:

image describing lessons included in Level 1 Getting Started

These 10 lessons teach you a lot about building your blog site using WordPress (the number one website building software in the world).  This is free to you as a starter member for the trial period – no cost at all.

You also get access to the best and most helpful community of affiliate marketers you will ever find on the internet.  From beginners like yourself to experts who have become rich from their online businesses, you can follow their work and ask their help.  There are over 1.5 million WA members in this growing community.

The trial week allows you to test out all that WA has to offer and if you decide to upgrade to Premium Membership during that week you get the first month at only $19/month.As a Premium Member, you get complete access to all the rest of the Online Entrepreneur Certification lessons.  See the levels below:

Image describing all Level 2 - Building Your own traffic producing website lessons

Image describing all Level 3 - Making Money lessons

Image describing all the Level 4 -Mastering Social Engagement lessons

Image describing all the level 5 - Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation lessons

And that is not all.

As a Premium Member, you get access to an entire “Bootcamp training” that leads you through building a blog site to promote the Wealthy Affiliate training platform and pays you awesome commissions to bring in other Premium Members like yourself.  Its very easy to promote WA because you will fall in love with the community, the training and all the other features of Premium Membership, including FREE hosting for 25 paid domains and 25 siterubix subdomains, plus access to thousands of beautiful FREE images to use in your blog posts, FREE Secure Sites (SSL technology) for the 25 paid domains, hundreds of FREE templates and plugins for WordPress (which itself is always up to date with the latest version), access to a FREE keyword tool (Jaaxy Lite), a cool FREE editor that includes checking for duplicate content on the web.  All this as a Paid Premium member.

Cost to be a Premium Member

$49 each month

$39 for six months (paid in advance at $234)

$30 a month for a year (paid in advance at $359)

If you pay in advance for a year, that $30 is not much more than a dinner out each month.

For myself, I pay only $25 a month because I took advantage of the Black Friday Special the owners have been offering for several years in November and paid a year in advance for $299, which averages out to the $25/month.  I host 15 websites(10 personal niche blogsites, a WA blootchamp site and 4 client sites with my FREE hosting domains.  I charge these clients.  So I make my Premium membership fees back each year.

What an awesome opportunity – to TRY out the community, Level one training and hosting Absolutely FREE FOR AN ENTIRE week before you make a decision.

What’s holding you back?

Try it out FREE
I will be there
(to encourage you and help you
to make the best use of your FREE week)

If you choose to upgrade to Premium, I will also be there to answer questions and help you along the way as you walk through the excellent training – My Promise to you.

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