Enjoy Writing? Why Not Make Money Writing?

By | December 13, 2018

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Make Money Writing?

Maybe you have always been one to love to write – ever since you were a child.  Maybe you even considered writing your own novel or poems.  It is likely that you have a gift you are not using to its fullest.  Online writing can be both enjoyable and profitable. Writers have the ability for variable and versatile expression to relate their lively, often painful memories for others.  Someone, maybe you, want to write to be read by more than polite, obligated and curious family or fellow students.

There is a great way to share your writings with others and you can even make money doing it.  Online writing through your own blog site is something you should try.   Blogging can give you an outlet for your creativity, a use for your grammar and expression skills and also a decent passive income if you want that also.

Creating your own online blog and filling it with your own posts or articles is a good way to let your natural writing talent express itself.  You can write about something you have a passion for, over and over.  Maybe you enjoy fishing, golfing, hiking, creating art, sewing, cooking, training pets, reading… etc.  You can just pick a passion of yours and become a blogger within that niche.

To be a blogger you need to do the following:

1. Pick a niche or subject you love and can write about over and over.  A niche that allows you to create your own stories, product reviews, advice, how-tos, etc.  Just so you are very interested, even passionate about the topic.

2.  Building a website to contain your writings or article/posts.  Creating a WordPress blog site can be simple and easy to learn.

3.  Learn how to monetize the articles and posts you write through affiliate links.  Affiliate marketing is the #one way to monetize a subject-oriented blog site.  You can even learn how to do this online for free.

4.  Learn how to use SEO (search engine optimization with keywords included in your written posts and reviews).

5.  Write 2-3 posts or articles each week of about $1000-2000 words that are “keyword rich”.

Those five things are pretty much it, pick a subject, create a website, monetize it, use SEO, write regularly.  No, it is not so easy, you do have to work and create your content – over and over.  But doing these 5 things you can free your writing talent and use it to create a passive income.  You can earn 24/7 even when you are not writing.  You can choose to write as often and as much as you want; you can write wherever you want – inside or outside, at home or on vacation.

How to Get Started?

I’m going to share a FREE way to get started.  Its the same way I got started, learning how to choose a niche, create a blog site using WordPress (the number one tool used to create most blogs online), choosing and using keywords, submitting your blog to search engines, and using affiliate marketing to monetize your blog site.

Back in the fall of 2014, I found an awesome training site online to learn all about blogs and affiliate marketing.  I choose to sign up for the offer of a FREE week to try it out.  I logged in, did the FREE 10 starter lessons, created my first affiliate blog site and engaged with the huge community of fellow students and found I loved it.

I learned so much, created a beautiful blog site and met hundreds of men and women who were like myself and wanted to use my skills and passions online to create a passive income for myself.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided to become a permanent “Premium Member” and that was over 4 years ago.  I now pay a fee of $25/month to continue to learn new things every day, have created over 10 personal blog sites and monetized them and have some commissions coming in monthly as well as get paid to create small business websites for others.  I get so much benefit from my Premium Membership.  You can find out from the chart below:

Make Money Writing?

You notice the monthly fee starts out at $49/month.  But you can lower that as I did by choosing to pay by the year for only $359 (which averages out to be only $30/month).  Then I lowered it, even more, when the owners offered a Black Friday Special of $299/paid annually.  (which averages out to be only $25/month).  Every year since I’ve joined, this Black Friday Special has been offered.

Now I enjoy all the benefits of Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership.


My monthly fees give me so much, as you can see in the image above.

  • 50 online training courses covering all and more than I need to know and use and 70 Bootcamp courses
  • Step by step training
  • Learning all about SEO
  • Learning all about social marketing
  • Weekly live seminars
  • 1,000,000 free images to use legally in my articles and posts
  • free hosting for 25 paid domains and 25 more siterubix subdomains
    • Free Site Speed tool
    • Free Site Spam protection
    • Free virus/malware protection
    • Free SSL certificates for my sites
  • Free WordPress tool and training with 50,000 free add-on plugins
  • Engagement within a 1.4 million-member community that is all about blogging and affiliate marketing
  • A wonderful Site Content creation tool
  • Free access to Jaaxy Lite Keyword Research Tool
  • 24/7 awesome site support team

Yes, all that for only a small monthly fee that costs about what a dinner out for my husband and I would pay.

If you would like to try this out free for a week (you will not be asked for your credit card information), you can sign up below.  Then if you choose (like I did) to become a Premium Member, I will personally mentor you as you go through the training and implementation to create your own blog site, monetize it, grow traffic and start earning passive income (with hard work, you can begin earning in your first 6-12 months).

All you need do is sign up for your free Starter Membership below and begin your journey as an online blogger.



I love to get comments and questions from my site visitors.  Please leave yours below. – shirley

NOTE:  This post contains affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a product purchased, I receive a small commission with no cost to you.


10 thoughts on “Enjoy Writing? Why Not Make Money Writing?

  1. Rob S.

    It’s hard to live just on social security income. Trying to earn income when retired just got a whole lot easier.

    I searched high and low for something I could do to make money and I found Wealthy Affiliate!This is the answer to your prayers if you are looking to create income from home when you’re retired.

    It’s a four step program of choosing a niche, building a website, getting traffic, and create income.So as you say, writing. Why not writing? You don’t have to be a skilled writer at all. Anyone who’s a beginner can do this business that involves writing.

    All you have to do is write as if you’re talking to a friend and help them out by solving their problems in a niche that you’re passionate about and have a great deal of knowledge about.Blogging on your website when you’re retired is very rewarding!

    1. admin

      Rob, thanks for visiting my blog site and your comment on my post.  I struggle sometimes with creating content, so if you are one of those who really enjoy writing, then great, you will enjoy writing your articles.  I totally agree with you about WA being the best place to learn and share.  I truly love this training and the helpful community.  Thanks again – Shirley

  2. Hollie Rose

    I love writing and being a blogger that has given me an opportunity to do what I love doing every day! Blogging is also fun because its in my own time and its such a great creative outlet. Wealthy Affiliate is amazing! It’s not a scam like so many others and the community is full of so many amazing people, all who want to help each other out! I’m a huge fan:) Great review!

    1. admin

      Hollie, thanks for visiting my site and for your comment.  Its awesome that you love to write.  I enjoy it up to a point but sometimes I just get tired of creating new content.  Yep! WA is no scam -its the real thing.  I’ve met so many awesome members and seen so many actually succeed and reach their goals.  It’s such a great place.  Thanks again.  -shirley

  3. Michael

    thanks for showing us a great way writers can make a good income online. But I work argue that even if you don’t consider yourself a writer you can still create a very successful blog.

    Because at the end of the day all your doing is communicating with people likebyou would an email or text. So it’s not like you have tonwerote an English essay or anything.

    Also I can say that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place I’ve come across for teaching people how to create an online income — since I’ve been a member since 2016.

    What kind of niches do you think are good to go after? What have you chosen in the past to make money from?

    1. admin

      Hi Michael, thanks for visiting my website and for your kind comments.  I’m not a great writer, but I have learned a lot from the training and I tend to look for additional training on writing, creating headlines, etc. to supplement my knowledge.  Wealthy Affiliates in my opinion is the absolute #1 best place to learn and share with others who want to use WordPress and learn affiliate marketing.  I also think, that if you don’t quit, you will eventually succeed and reach your financial goals.  I’ve been a member since the fall of 2014 and still love it and keep learning all the time.  Thanks again. – shirley

  4. Jermy

    Hi, nice article as to building a writing niche website, I have a passion in writing songs i do this in my spare time chilling and having fun and seeing your article just puts alot of ideas in my head how to make money writing, i thank you very much for this article.

    1. admin

      Hey there Jermy, thank you so much for visiting my website and your comment on my post.  Its so cool you enjoy writing songs.  I know you can use that passion to create a profitable niche blog site.  Thanks again. – Shirley

  5. ecpags74


    I love your posting because that is the route that I took just before I retired.  You are absolutely right that blogging about your passions is the way to keep yourself occupied during your retirement.  I’ve seen others stagnate in retirement and this is one way to keep active. 

    The Wealthy Affiliate community is a true community of people who care about each other and their success.  It’s been a pleasure working with them.


    1. admin

      Ellen, thanks for checking out my blog post and your kind comments.  Yes I’m using this to supplement my retirement and to earn extra money to blow on my missionary kids and grand-kids.  I love being able to donate more to their ministry and buy the kiddo’s stuff that would be hard a a missionary family living in a third world country to get for themselves.  No way we will stagnate in old age – WA and its training and our blog sites will keep our brains working and sharp.  Thanks again -shirley


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