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By | May 13, 2018

WAU Training

The WAU (Wealthy Affiliate University) online training and hosting platform has been around since 2005 and started out as a keyword tool but has grown into simply the best online Affiliate Training and WordPress hosting platform there is.  The owners, Kyle and Carson have a mindset to provide nothing but the best for their Premium membership and new training and features roll out frequently.  The membership is now over 1 million and touts some of the best affiliate marketers around as part of the membership.  The huge community of members are some of the most helpful you will ever experience or get to know.


Free Getting Started Level Training

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The first thing I learned is to walk through the training provided by the WA program step by step, carefully learning the step I’m working on and don’t rush.  Rushing or skipping a step always creates a problem for me and I waste time going back and figuring how and where I blew it.  I usually have to ask for help (fortunately, the others in the community are very willing and giving) and I always get some help.  And its almost always something I did wrong.  So step by step, and carefully proceed with the training is my advice.

The free “Getting Started” course is going to step you through the process of getting started. It will answer all of the questions that you have about earning money on the Internet and will reveal exactly how to do it.

1.  You will be filling out your profile and uploading an avatar image of yourself so the community can get to know you. This is your first chance to make friends by showing them who you are and what are the things that interest you, as well as your goals with WA.

At this point during your seven day trial period, you are able to see all member posts and post yourself – it is a great time to look around to see what the community is like.

2.  Next, you will be learning about affiliate marketing and making money.  In fact you will be learning about six ways to make money with your blog.  You will set your personal financial goals and decide how much time you are willing to give to this effort as well as some specific goals for the week, month, etc.

3.  You will be ready to select the particular niche that you want to build your website on.  This is your subject or topic of interest.  The training will provide instructions and help in deciding that.

4.  Next, you will be learning about your two free websites that are included in your trial membership and you will walk through setting up your website and learning to use WordPress Express.  This is a very exciting task and you will need to pay a lot of attention to the steps.

5.   Then you will begin the first tasks toward setting up your site for search engines and learning about several simply awesome WordPress plugins to enhance your website.

6.  In lesson six you will learn about a specific plugin that you need for SEO (search engine optimization) for your website.  You will be tweaking the settings and learning about them in this lesson.

7.  In lesson 7, you will be learning all about keywords and using a program called Jaaxy to help you select the best keywords for your niche.

8.   In this lesson, you will go into more detail about the framework of your website and build the first 3 pages.

9.    You will learn all about the importance of great content (this is the writing, reviewing, etc you will create for your site.  You will finish your About Me and Privacy Policy pages.

10.   In this last lesson of the Getting Started Course, you will go over all that you have learned and accomplished during your trial period so far and will receive an overview of what you will learn in the next certification course “Building your own traffic producing website.”

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Premium Level 2 Training

This level 2 course and all others (there are six in all) are only available for Premium members.  This is when you need to decide whether to bite the bullet and go premium or not.  You do not have to, but I must say the rest of the training is so valuable that the $49/month or $29/month ($359 yearly ) fee is nothing compared to what you will get for that simple fee.  My next blog post will include a comparison for you.

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