“Making Money Online – Why Not Me?”

By | May 13, 2018

“Success in Making Money Online!”

I know that like me, you have probably read all the awesome success stories about people starting their online business and becoming so successful that they are earning money hand over fist.  When I read those success stories, the first thing I think is “Wow great for them but it won’t happen to me”.

Well, heck, why not me! 

Image of money and time piece, copyright Microsoft.

Image of money and time piece, copyright Microsoft.

I have a brain just like those people and I have a great program for making money online to train me here at Wealthy Affiliate (WA).  I can learn from the training and implement it on my websites.  I have a computer and internet and now I know just what to do with them thanks to The WA program.  I also have all the resources of the WA Community and members who are willing and eager to help me succeed.  I can ask any question I want and expect to have it answered within minutes by several knowledgeable members.  I can even go into the Live Chat and ask my questions and see members typing their responses on the chat screen right there.

I also know that the founders, Carson and Kyle continue to update the training so that we are always on the cutting edge of learning about affiliate marketing.  So I have no excuse to being behind on the latest news.  I just need to do my part in continually studying and keeping up with the training provided here.  I’ve met many WA members who have made money and achieved their goals to quit their day jobs.  I know it can be done.

As I login in each day and read all the new messages about members’ success (making their first $$, having their first $400/day, doubling their annual earnings this year) I am encouraged by seeing these success posts from other members who are just like me.  If they can do this, so can I with hard work and perseverance.

“Success will Happen”

I tell myself that one day, that will be me posting a “success post” and I know with certainty that it will happen if I just keep doing my part.

I can be a pretty stubborn person and I’m applying that persistence to my efforts with this program.  I am not going to give it up until I succeed.  I have every reason to succeed and every tool I need through the WA Program.  And I have every intention of coming back to this post in a few months and adding a comment on my great success at affiliate marketing because I have all the right training and tools I need here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I have the time now that I’m retired and I have the tools and I have the “want to.” So its definitely going to happen – success is just around the corner.  I choose to be positive.

“Why Wait to Start Making Money, Start Your Free Trial Now!”

I have written a detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program here.  Check it out to find out more about this amazing training program.



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