“Am I Too Old to Earn Money In Retirement?”

By | May 13, 2018

“Age should never be a deterrent”

I’m almost 61 years old and retired early at age 53.  Since then, I have opened and ran a successful photography studio, opened and ran a successful web design company, figured out how to teach myself through select mentors how to paint with acrylics, and now at almost 61, I’m training and learning how to create Affiliate Websites to earn extra money so I can help my missionary kids.

There have been many people who became famous in their achievements  in their later years.

  • Actor George Burns was in his 80’s and it had been 35 years when he got his big break and became famous.
  • Ronald Reagan become president a month before he turned 70.
  • Harlan David Sander (Colonel Sanders) was 65 when he started KFC.
  • Ray Croc started McDonalds at 52 when most people are thinking of retirement.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder was 65 when she began writing Little House on the Prairie
  • Golda Meir was 70 when she became the 4th prime minister of Israel.
  • Ben Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence at age 69.

And the list goes on and on.

There is absolutely no reason to think that you cannot create a successful online business in your retirement years.

“Success is a State of Mind”

Image of dollar sign and shadow

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One thing successful people have in common is their optimism.  A key to success is many times based on your mindset and the confidence that you will succeed.  You have heard that happiness is a choice, well, optimism is also a choice.  Just the action of facing your fears and stepping out with actions can give you the momentum to continue forward in the path to success.

“Avoid Negative Thoughts and People”

One way to keep your mindset optimistic is to avoid being around and listening to people who are negative or pessimistic.  I know that I personally have a lot of determination and know that I can succeed in anything I try, I’ve proven it to myself all my life.  However I am married to a person who does not support me with optimism, so I have to basically ignore my spouse when I venture out into something new and fall back on my own self-confidence and the knowledge that I have never failed in an endeavor yet that I put my mind to.  I find a way to be encouraged either through friends, a support group or from reading positive materials.  Fortunately the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Community is a wonderful support group, giving other members great support and lots of optimistic encouragement.

“Seek the Best Environment to Learn How to Be Successful”

Image of graduate

Image of graduate, copyright Microsoft

When I was in my 50’s I was determined to finish my college degree.  I had endeavored my entire career at various times, to take college classes and finish my degree, attending 4 colleges over a period of 25-30 years, gradually completing more and more hours of classes.  Many times, this was very difficult to do while working full time, being a wife and mom also, and paying for the college tuition.  But I was determined to complete my degree to prove to myself I could do it and to set an example to my daughter on finishing what you start and achieving an education.  As a working adult, mom and wife, sitting in a classroom with 19-21 year olds was not a great experience for me.  I felt, rightly so, out of place and more like a mom than a student.

But finally, in my late 50’s I decided to enroll in a “degree completion” program which was geared toward those in the workplace who wanted to complete their degrees.  This 18 month program, hosted by a great Christian University, placed me with other adults in the workforce with families of their own.  This was the perfect environment for me to complete the coursework need to finish my degree in “Organizational Management.”  Learning in a classroom with other working adults was the perfect environment for me and all the discussions were very relevant to my personal work environment.  I walked the isle at the University in 1999 and graduated with honors, feeling great for achieving a long-time goal.

“WA is the Perfect Environment to Learn How to Earn Money in Retirement”

I’ve found that with over 200,000 members, Wealthy Affiliates has proven to be a perfect place to learn Affiliate Marketing and how to create Affiliate Websites.  The training is a step-by-step style, geared towards those who know absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing or creating websites before beginning the training.  The WA Community itself is an extremely varied and supportive community of members who have the same goal of earning money online.  Optimum simply pours out into cheerful and determined advice and posts.  There are so many experts that are willing to share their knowledge and create additional training to help newcomers, it is amazing.  I have never encountered an online community like this before.  Be assured that the WA Training Program is the best place to learn what you need in order to become a success with your online business.

“Wh0 Wait to Start Earning Money, Start Your Free Trial Now!”

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10 thoughts on ““Am I Too Old to Earn Money In Retirement?”

  1. Christine

    You’re never too old! Why would you stop learning and doing exciting new things as you get older? So you can live on a pension? No thank you! Taking control is the best option

    1. admin

      I can’t imagine life without learning more and more. It would be pretty boring and a waste of my mind. Thanks for the comment Christine. Shirley

  2. Hilda

    Shirley, this article gives great hope to many people who want to start an online business to generate income at home but that feel are too old to embark on that kind of job. There are many reasons why and many ways in which we can become successful internet entrepreneurs. The information your provide here is extremely useful. Thanks!

    1. admin

      Hilda, thank you for your kind words. I truly believe that age is not a hindrance to success. Who says hard work and determination is delegated to just the young. Why change a lifetime’s work ethic just because of a few more years. -Shirley

    1. admin

      Linda, Thanks for your comment, I’m having a good time with these posts and this site. Shirley

  3. Marc

    I like your reason for succeeding on the internet. Missionary kids can use all the help they can get. And your right just because we get older does not mean we can’t succeed, at anything. Good luck!

    1. admin

      Marc, thanks for your comment. Yes the kids give me a really good reason to spend time on affiliate marketing. They are taking my only grandson with them to the jungle also. Shirley


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