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Wealthy Affiliates (WA) is Well Worth It to Make Extra Income

By | January 26, 2018

Worth my $$ I was checking out my membership account to the Wealthy Affiliate Training and Hosting Platform today and once again I came away very happy with my investment in this online training and community. I found out about WA from searching online for ways to earn some extra cash in my retirement.  I’ve been retired since… Read More »

Will that Ship Come In?

By | January 26, 2018

Will that Ship Come In? When I was growing up, there was a common saying about: “When My Ship Comes In” We would quote that saying around our home when there was something we desired but didn’t yet have.  If mom wanted a new washing machine or one of us girls wanted a new bike or we all… Read More »

How to get FREE Websites Along with Superb Website Creation and Affiliate Marketing Training

By | January 26, 2018

How to create a successful online business We all know (or have heard of) people who have made their fortune online.  They started out small and grew to become millionaires and even billionaires.  It all began with their passion to succeed and the knowledge to know what steps to take and the willingness to keep going and not… Read More »

“Am I Too Old to Earn Money In Retirement?”

By | March 31, 2015

“Age should never be a deterrent” I’m almost 61 years old and retired early at age 53.  Since then, I have opened and ran a successful photography studio, opened and ran a successful web design company, figured out how to teach myself through select mentors how to paint with acrylics, and now at almost 61, I’m training and… Read More »

“Is WA a Get Rich Quick Deal?”

By | November 8, 2014

“Get Rich Quick Deals” I’m sure, like myself you have been “attacked” via email, phone text, Facebook, magazines and even newspapers  that try to sell you the “get rich quick” program or book, or pack, or DVD – whatever.  So the first thing you want to know about my website and my posts about WA Affiliate Training Program would… Read More »

Why work to earn money in retirement?

By | November 8, 2014

“Yes, I’m retired and I work also” “You might ask, Shirley, why do you want to work during retirement?” image of sign with Retirement text on it   That’s certainly a legitimate question.  Retirement is supposed to be when we rest from our labors and enjoy life.   I, like many, thought that retirement is the time when… Read More »