Busting the Myths about making money online

By | February 22, 2019

The Myths of Making Money Online

Myth 1  You can make money online FAST

This one is SO WRONG!  You can certainly make money online, but it is almost never FAST.  If you are into surveys, doing them takes so much time and you are disqualified out a lot after spending time doing all the preliminary qualification questions.  You have to do A LOT OF surveys to make any money.  The same with crowdfunding tasks – they take lots of time.

If you are into blogging, It takes a while to create your site, its content, calls to action, monetization, building authority and traffic.  You need to put in months of time and know what you are doing before you can begin earning.

Then, remember many people looking to make money online already have a 9-5 job.  That makes it hard to devote the time and energy to create an online business so going is often very slow.  Also, it is hard to work a full-time job and then come home and spend time and energy on your family and still have something left over to be creative and consistent building your online job – once again this can make it take a long time before you see any $$ from your online business.

Myth 2  You can make money online EASY

Easy, certainly NOT, nothing that pays very much will be easy.  You will have to learn new skills and work consistently.  Even freelancing work writing or creating will take time and discipline to become good at it and build a reputation so you can get consistent gigs.

To blog, you will have to learn new skills on how to use blog/website building software, how to choose niches, use SEO and promote your blog site.  You will have to create LOTS OF content and good quality content that will draw traffic to your site.

Like mom used to say “nothing worthwhile will be easy”.

Myth 3  You can make money online FREE

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, it is not FREE.  Making money will take:

  1. work
  2. skills
  3. knowledge
  4. persistence
  5. time

Ads and promotions that tell you they are free are basically trying to fool you into getting sucked into their gimmicks.  A “tell” is if they ask for your cc information even though they are supposed to be FREE.

My Advice

Just remove the thoughts of Fast, Easy and Free completely from your mind when you consider making money online.

Yes, you can make money online, but you have to say no to all the “get rich quick” scams and the promises that do not make sense.  Don’t fall for those.

But you can research legitimate ways to make money online that provide REAL ways to earn – they always take time, effort and sometimes even investment.

My Top Recommendation

After years of looking online and trying various ways to make money, I found a way that:

  • makes sense to me
  • provides the right training and complete training necessary for success
  • doesn’t involve upsells – the membership fee is reasonable and stays the same
  • provides me incentive to pay in advance and reduce my monthly fees
  • give me access to thousands of other members like myself
  • and access to experts who are already achieving financial success


I’ll share several testimonials from Wealthy Affiliate (WA) members that are in the process of reaching their dreams of online financial success.  This is just a few, there are plenty more:

  1. John’s success post
  2. Zarina’s success post
  3. Nadia’s success post
  4. Dylan’s success post
  5. Craig’s success post
  6. Dom’s success post
  7. Jerry’s success post
  8. Rayhanna’s success post
  9. Ralphs success post
  10. Shawn’s success post
  11. Grace’s success post
  12. Brok’s success post
  13. Deb’s success post
  14. Eric’s success post
  15. Andrew’s success post
  16. Frank’s success post
  17. Roope’s success post
  18. Nathaniel’s success post
  19. Tony’s success post
  20. Corey’s success post
  21. Veronica’s success post
  22. Jonik’s success post

These are some of the many success stories I’ve read as a Wealthy Affiliate member.  They are inspiring and encouraging to keep on working if you have not met your goals yet.  One of the common denominators for each success is that it took hard work and patience but eventually it paid off.  It also takes learning the proper skills and implementing them in your online business.

My Conclusion

After reading all these success stories and learning about the awesome training and benefits of Wealthy Affiliate Membership (read my Wealthy Affiliate Review), I am totally convinced that becoming a WA Premium Member is a way to make money online and successfully create my own “dream come true” of a consistent passive income.

Try it out free (you will not be asked for your cc) for 7 days and check it all out yourself. Anytime during the FREE 7 day trial, you can decide to make the one upgrade to Premium Membership.  $19 for the first month and then $49 each month after that.  You can even take advantage of paying in advance like I did and get the premium down to only $25/month or $299 a year like I did.  I can afford that $25 each month for sure.


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2 thoughts on “Busting the Myths about making money online

  1. Derek Marshall

    Fast easy and free might sound like my ideal date but certainly no way to be making money online. Not if you are serious. Those three words just think – can you realistically apply them to building a business offline? Can you build a physical business quickly? can you do it at no cost? will it be easy?

    Of course not – so why think that it all of a sudden applies to online business?

    1. Shirley Dawson Post author

      Derek, Yes nothing is every totally free. But my experience with Wealthy Affiliates is that the free trial truly allowed me to check out the benefits and what training is available. I joined up as a Premium member on Day 3 of my trial week because I found WA to be so much more than I had expected. It is great with lots of benefits as a Premium member and I’ve been a Premium member for almost 5 years and have never regretted it. In fact I love that I now only pay $25/month for my Premium membership because I took advantage of discounts. That’s an awesome price for all that WA gives me. Thanks for your comment. -Shirley


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